The Term” Vasthu” is derived form the word vasa, meaning habitat and, in Sanskrit, vast is referred to as the site for construction of a residence.


The word “Vasthu” refers to both the site on which a building is raised and to the building itself. “Sastra” means science.


Other terms that refer to the same topic include the art of placement, science of architecture, science of construction, science of dwelling, science of energy flow, and law of nature.


It is believed that Vasthu Sastra developed sometime between 10,000 BC and subsequently one can fine reference to it in the holy epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata, in an era when philosophy was a way of life.


In the ancient Vedic literature, especially in the Matsya Purana, the 18 originators of the science of Vasthu Sastra are mentioned. Among them, Maya the great scientist, architect and town planner of old India is generally recognised as the author of Vasthu Sastra.


The science of town planning during the Vedic period was given paramount importance to the extent that Indo-Aryans perfectly shaped human settlements into various categories depending upon the characteristics of the population.


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